Woman Says CIA Got Coked-Up Murderer Obama Into Elite Prep School, Also Why Are All These Spiders Crawling On Her?

Woman Says CIA Got Coked-Up Murderer Obama Into Elite Prep School, Also Why Are All These Spiders Crawling On Her?

So this guy from the Manning Report -- who is apparently not Bob Barr but rather is this actual black racist from the Atlah church in Harlem -- has unleashed a STUNNING REPORT on the "mack daddy," one Barry Soetoro aka B. Barry Bamz, aka the Hitlerest Hitler who ever Gay-Hitlered, and that is via a phone interview with Mia Marie Pope, who grew up on Oahu several years younger than the GREAT PRETENDER HIMSELF. And what does Ms. Pope say? Oh, that when she was 13, 14 years old, during those years, all the neighborhood kids knew Barry Soetoro was stone-cold blowing older white sugardaddies for cocaine to freebase, and also the CIA got him into Punahou, the elite prep school that nobody could get into unless they were really important and/or blowing someone in the CIA. (Our mom was going to go to Punahou, but she never blew anyone in the CIA -- THAT WE KNOW OF -- and also her dad died and our grandma moved the family to the mainland before she could go to Punahou. Or at least THAT'S WHAT SHE WOULD LIKE YOU TO BELIEVE.)

What have we learned after 26 minutes of listening to Ms. Mia Marie Pope? One, Barack Obama loves to be gay, for drugs and money. Two, Barack Obama is a pathological liar, and if he says he loves you, you better check it out. And three, Ms. Pope simply does not care for the "low road" being taken by the man she says is a gay drug hustler. Also, Ms. Pope has tried to report on all Barry's fake Social Security numbers, but the FBI would not listen to her, maybe because HOW THE FUCK WOULD SHE KNOW about Barry's fake Social Security numbers, she is just saying nonsense from the Internet.

Also, Barry could never have gone to Punahou without the sugardaddies and the CIA because of how he and his grandparents (above) lived in a modest apartment, so it was "not natural," but rather clearly the result of shadowy agencies who ... well, we never figured that part out, but it was probably the Queen of Hearts.

Also, he murdered some people in Chicago, and had very bad cigarettiquette, and also something about Rocky Horror.

Case closed.

[RightWingWatch, via RawStory]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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