Woman Who Says Todd Palin Sexed Her Also Says Trig Was Faked


There exists a rumor that Todd Palinhad sex with some Alaska massage lady. Is it true? Doesn't matter. There was an opening in the media patchwork for a Todd Palin sex rumor, and somebody filled it. Luckily for Palin rumor bloggers, this masseuse is also willing to confirm another Palin rumor, that Sarah Palin never was pregnant with Trig, and Trig is therefore the spawn of Bristol Palin or some other form of extraterrestrial life. This massage lady says she gave a massage to Sarah Palin during this supposed pregnancy, but when she felt up her abdomen, there were exactly zero magic Downs-syndrome campaign props inside it. Wow, what a nice coincidence it is that this lady is able to give life to so many Palin rumors, and in such detail!

Your evidence:

According to Shailey, Sarah Palin NEVER once told any of the people at All About You Spa that she was pregnant, even though she remained a client almost up to the moment that she "gave birth."

Sarah did not confess to Shailey that she was "with child." even though she was asked specifically. (Nor did she tell ANY of the people who gave her a massage since NOT ONE of them knew until after her announcement.)

Sarah did not appear pregnant by looking at her in an unclothed state.

Even though she was given a thorough massage by an experienced, and licensed, masseuse (Who also had substantial experience with prenatal massage) nothing about Sarah's body gave any indication that she was pregnant. (And don't forget, she would have been between SIX TO SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT at this time. )

Sarah had procedures during her "pregnancy" that could have been harmful to a fetus and did not once say anything to alert the employees to that possibility.

There you go. Alaska has really Won the Future by diversifying their fish, petroleum, and stupidity based economy with this whole Palin blog rumor industry. It's an industry your Wonkette is happy to provide logistical support. Because when the Palins lose, we all win. Even, or especially, if it's libel. [Immoral Minority]


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