Wonkette Book Club Update: We've Scored A Livechat With Author, NPR Guy, And New Puppy Owner Andy Carvin


Just a quick reminder, Wonkeratti, that you have a bit over a week to get ahold of and read our Book Club's first selection, Andy Carvin's Distant Witness: Social Media, the Arab Spring and a Journalism Revolution. Carvin became something of an Interwebs phenomenon in 2010-11 when his familiarity with a number of prominent bloggers in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, his position as NPR's Social Media director, and his mad Twitter skillz all combined to make him one of the main conduits of information between participants in the Arab Spring and the western media. In Distant Witness, he explores how new media helped people organize and communicate with each other and with the outside world; he also looks at some of the challenges involved in using social media as a form of journamalism.

We're pretty chuffed to announce that Andy Carvin has agreed to join Your Wonkette for a livechat -- we're still nailing down a day and time, but we think it will be early the week of March 4th, which gives you lucky bibliophiles a bit more time to grab and read a copy of the book. Not sure if you'll have time to receive a dead-trees version, but the e-book is available for virtually any screen you already read Your Wonkette on.

You want more information, you say? OK, well how about this interview on NPR's Talk of the Nation? Or maybe you want to go back and check out Andy Carvin's visit to the comments section of our earlier book club post, where he left behind some gratuitous Latin. He gets our Joe Biden jokes, kids.

Fine, you want the puppy. Here's the puppy, but let us warn you, she's FTAFW (Far Too Adorable For Work):

Not surprisingly, Mr. Carvin is crowdsourcing the puppy's name.

Distant Witness: Social Media, the Arab Spring and a Journalism Revolution, by Andy Carvin.

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