Wonkette Chatcave Creeps Would Totally Bone Nancy Pelosi Circa 1961

Wonkette Chatcave Creeps Would Totally Bone Nancy Pelosi Circa 1961

How is this for some Nice Time? Here is a picture of President John F. Kennedy totally macking on future Speaker of the House and Legislative Badass Nancy Pelosi at his Inaugural Ball back in 1961. Pelosi at the time was just shy of 21 (totally legal in all states, not just Southern ones!) Not that such niceties as “legal age of consent” would have stopped old JFK, that cad.

This picture has prompted much respectful (!) - compared to a normal day at least - catcalling from the male species of yr Wonkette, with DDM commenting that Nancy “is pretty damn hot,” Alex’s contention that “Pelosi is a piece,” and Dok Zoom’s observation that he would “let her ride on the back of my Vespa, if you know what I mean.” Because Dok is a fifteen-year-old girl with a subscription to Photoplay Magazine.

Pelosi attended JFK’s inaugural as a guest of her father, Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., former congressman, mayor of Baltimore and longtime delegate to the Democratic National Convention from the state of Maryland. She is of course not the first future Democratic Party leader photographed with our 35th President, though she is the only one who we’re pretty sure JFK was undressing with his eyes at the moment the picture was snapped. Though who knows, the Big Dog did have his own sort of animal magnetism.




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