Wonkette's Top Ten Stories Of The Week Will Help You Do Your Own Research

Wonkette's Top Ten Stories Of The Week Will Help You Do Your Own Research

A horse named Juice, courtesy of Wonkette operative worriedman. I am deeply jealous.

Happy weekend!

This week, I am not bringing you a video, but a very exciting job opportunity that some of you may want to jump on right away. It's a sweet gig helping to save the world at a think tank with some truly incredible pay.

Incredible has more than one meaning.

Via UpWork, courtesy of r/ChoosingBeggars :

Seeking Part Time Intelligent VA

Hourly: $3.00-$4.00 - Intermediate - Est. Time: 3 to 6 months, Less than 30 hrs/week

You must be fluent in reading and writing English so there's no miscommunications. I'm also looking for an intelligent VA who doesn't have to have their hand held. I do provide detailed instructions and videos.

This is a part time job. Around 3 hours a week, maybe a bit more depending on your hourly rate.

I'm a truther activist. I work for free to help save humanity and our Mother Earth from the war we are in with the evils. This is why the hourly rate is so low and that's even too high for me since there's a lot of work and everything comes out of my pocket.

You do know we are in a war right?

So I need someone who cares about what is going on as well.

Now is your time to learn what's going on as it plays out, how to protect yourself and your family, and most importantly, THE TRUTH about what is really going on.

You should be a hard and relatively fast worker and be proactive.

Just some of the tasks that are to be done for me or our Think Tank:

1. On Odysee put videos into playlists according to the sheet my former VA set up.
2. Create duplicates of images from a book. They are usually a table with numbers in it.
3. Go through WordPress articles and make sure the right video embed code is in there, then get me to edit it so it can be published. Also add new memes or videos to the site.
4. Send out links of our memes and videos to all of my social media platforms as well as other groups on FB, MeWe, Twitter, TG, etc.
5. Online research

I'm sorry, but I can't pay for training & emails going back & forth, only the work done.

I'm sure there's more, but for now, that's it.

Please tell me what skills you have that pertain to these tasks.


Yes, this definitely seems like a job disseminating QAnon propaganda (or something similar) for less than half of the minimum wage. What an incredible opportunity! You do know we are in a war, right?

Anyway, here are your top ten stories of the week!

10. Jared Kushner Would Like All Of You Ungrateful Jerks To Know He Still Hates You

9. This Is The Education Future Republicans Want.

8. John Roberts Defends SCOTUS' Legitimacy, Ginni Thomas In Cahoots With 38 Anti-Choice Lobbyist Groups

7. When Charlie Kirk Calls A Republican An Idiot And Charlie Kirk Is ... Right? U R NAILIN' IT.

6. Kari Lake Delivers Christian Bible Lesson On Name-Calling, Also Calls Mexicans Rapists

5. Trump Lawyer Whines To Hannity After Insane Clinton RICO Suit Dismissed For Being Hot Garbage

4. Trump Lawyers Wilding Out As New York AG Looks Ready To Drop The Hammer

3. Boise Elected Liberal 18-Year-Old To School Board, And It 'Costed' Wingnuts Their Miiiiiinds

2. PA GOP Rep. Stephanie Borowicz: God Will Shoot You If You Try To Take Her Jesus Guns

1. QAnon People Want To Know How Tom Hanks Can Be Gepetto If He's Been Dead For Two Years

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