Would You Buy Anything From Rick Scott? We Didn't Think So.

Florida GOP Senator Rick Scott is what happens when a person keeps failing upwards. And he's at his incompetent finest as the head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), as he showed on CBS's "Face The Nation" this week.

Host Margaret Brennan asked Scott about Republicans voting against things they pretend to care about, on the day the Senate ultimately passed the Inflation Reduction Act:

BRENNAN: Isn't expanding Medicare access good for a state like yours, which has more residents reliant on the Affordable Care Act than any other state? And Republicans like reducing the deficit. The CBO says this will reduce it by $100 billion over the next decade. Isn't there some good stuff in here for you, too?

Scott, just had talking points nobody was buying.

SCOTT: So, Margaret, here's the way I look at it. Right now, this bill actually ought to be called the "War on Seniors" act. I mean, this is a war on Medicare. If you look at this. This is a $280 billion cut in Medicare. So, what's going to happen is Medicare is gonna get caught and there's gonna be seniors that don't get life-saving drugs because the–

BRENNAN: –reducing Medicare cost is not the same as benefits though, you- you know that.

Color us shocked that the guy who oversaw the largest Medicare fraud in history is lying about what the bill would do to Medicare.

Brennan cut through Scott's crap:

BRENNAN: So, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget called your claim there, that you just reiterated in terms of Medicare spending, completely misleading. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that just about one percent of new drugs would be affected by the changes there on drug development. [...] We just had that stellar July jobs number. [...] Republicans had been hoping to ride the high inflation we are at, and it is historically high, and President Biden's low approval ratings to a win in November. But the President and Democrats just had a really good streak here. Gas prices are down. You have this massive spending bill going through. These are a lot of big wins for Democrats. The President just authorized that strike to take out the leader of al-Qaeda. Isn't this going to get harder for Republicans to get the edge that you are trying to manufacture here?

Scott, unable to really defend himself or his party, just threw GOP buzzwords around:

SCOTT: I mean, they have to defend inflation, high gas prices, you know, the Afghan withdrawal, an open border, Critical Race Theory, defund the police, that's what they have to defend because that's what the- that's what-, that's what Biden is known for, and that's what that's basically what Democrats are known for. Now, it's going to be- look it's an election year. It's going to be a hard year.

Brennan, prepared for this, seized on Scott lamenting how it would be a "hard year" in a midterm, despite them all gloating previously, by playing a clip of Mitch McConnell soberly admitting he may not become majority leader next year.

BRENNAN: If things are so bad, then why is it going to be so tight for Republicans?

SCOTT: Well, first of all, we have- we have very good candidates. [...]

After Scott was done spouting misleading things, Brennan decided to run down some of the GOP's "very good candidates." Fun was had by all.

As Brennan pointed out, the candidate characteristics referenced above would be human resources red flags for private corporations. No reasonable person would hire them, but Scott and the GOP have no problem putting their stamp of approval on Unabomber fanboy Blake Masters in Arizona or global airflow expert Herschel Walker in Georgia.

Rick Scott and the GOP were not counting on the economy, Joe Manchin and their own anti-abortion "win" at the Supreme Court to put their midterm prospects in danger. . They're like Shelly Levene in Glengarry Glen Ross. Just so happy gloating about an upcoming victory that they revealed their weaknesses and are now left to pray that the worst asshole candidates possible can act normal until November.

Let's show them in November how badly they messed up.

Have A Week.

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