no_no_he_doesntWe'd go with something less intimate, yet "John Kerry is a douche bag but I'm voting for him anyway" is about as close as we're going to get to an endorsement ourselves. Others have elaborated further: "Instances of Doucheitude and Why it Doesn't Matter."

    As mentioned earlier, while campaigning for the Democratic primaries, Kerry was seen riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle onto the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Right through the studio doors. Onto the stage. Awesome, dude. . . . Why then would Kerry follow through with a stunt this silly? For starters, he appears to be something of a motorcycle enthusiast, and it's a lot easier for most people to relate to a motorcycle enthusiast than, say, a yacht enthusiast, or a 24-carrot-gold-bust-of-John-Denver enthusiast (not to imply that he is either of these). Kerry simply appears to have underestimated how douchey this stunt made him look.
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