Young Mom Charged With Murder For Home Abortion, Another 'Pro-Life' Victory!

Terrific news for harmless little ol' grandmas who just want to "sidewalk counsel" baby-killing whores outside health clinics, so they don't make the wrong decisions. A young woman in Georgia is now in jail and facing murder charges for making the wrong decision, by giving herself a home abortion, and delivering a five-month-old fetus who died. Her name is Kenlissa Jones, she is 23, and -- bonus! -- she already has a two-year-old son who, if she's imprisoned for murder, won't have a mother anymore. Success!

Officials said Jones took an 'abortion pill' that she purchased on the internet, and delivered her five-and-a-half-month-old fetus while inside a car. [...]

According to a report, she purchased the drug, called Cytotec, from a source in Canada.

That's illegal in Georgia because, thanks to the efforts of "pro-lifers" who care SO MUCH about protecting babies and women, second trimester abortions may only be "performed in a licensed hospital, in a licensed ambulatory surgical center, or in a health facility licensed as an abortion facility by the Department of Community Health." Georgia, like many other states, has several other unnecessary burdensome restrictions to make sure women don't have abortions, like a 24-hour waiting period and mandatory "counseling" about how the fetus will feel pain if its heartless mother aborts it. (Which, as we have said many times, is not medically accurate, but so what? As long as they persuade women not to have a legal medical procedure, aren't the lies worth it?)

Georgia is also the state where the town council of Rossville tried to ban abortion completely in 2014, because it's just so much "drama." Real nice place, huh?

Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards says he's never seen a case like this, but it'll probably go to the grand jury, because it's at least worth exploring whether a young woman who was obviously in a desperate enough situation to terminate her pregnancy -- that is the reason women buy illegal abortion pills on the internet -- is maybe a murderer who should lose the child she has and go to prison. Just askin'.

We, being A Feminist and A Smartass, would just ask how sending Ms. Jones to prison for murdering her fetus protects her or her child or any other woman or any other fetus. We'd also smugly point out that "pro-lifers" say all abortion is murder, so it should be ILLEGAL, but it's not like they want to punish women who murder their babies. Except here in the US of A, we have all these laws against doing murder, and many innovative ways (like murder!) to punish people who do that. So if Ms. Jones MURDERED her baby, it only stands to "pro-life" reason that she should do the time for doing the crime.

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And hey, if the child she already has loses his mom, oh well. Maybe one of those nice "pro-life" grandmas can explain to him that he doesn't get to have his mommy anymore, for the children.

[WALB via Robin Marty / Guttmacher]


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