Your Morning Nice Time: Missouri University Has Gay Kids' Backs

Can we please talk about something good in the world today, wonketteers? How about a good old blame the gays, but for bringing on a littlehappy cry for once? As always, the road to gay hell is paved with good intentions and vice versa, so it's no surprise that this feel-good happy rainbow unicorn story still serves to point out that no matter what, this is America and nothing good happens unless something terrible causes it first, but with that - Hello Missouri!

It’s still not always easy being gay. Even on a college campus. After all, if your parents just found out you’re gay and aren’t exactly cool with it, your days on that campus might be numbered. Especially if they’re footing the bills. University of Missouri-Kansas City officials started talking about what they could do to help in that situation, and four years ago created a scholarship for gay students who suddenly find themselves facing a financial crisis.

See? A nice thing because of a terribly sad wrong thing. USA USA, etc. But, the fine folks at UMKC are looking to help kids whose parents have cut them off financially for being a gay, and apparently that is a thing that happens a bit:

Two students got the scholarship in 2009-10, the first year. The following year: one. This school year? Three. This year was the greatest need we’ve seen,” says Kristi Ryujin, UMKC’s assistant vice chancellor for diversity, access and equity. “We have a long way to go still.” The Pride Empowerment Scholarship is thought to be fairly unusual. The annual breakfast that raises money for it is Thursday; the event is sold out.

So how about that? SOLD OUT! Which means, there are a lot of people who support this in Kansas City and want to help keep these kids in school even if not especially because they have the gay.

Maybe it is getting better, sort of. These are some very good people at this University and it is nice that they have established a fund to help college kids, college kids are cool and this country needs to make as many of them as possible! Like the ones at UMass who booed Karl Rove for being a murdering terrorist! That is a perfect response to a terrible situation, even if Karl still got 15K for being booed.

And whilst smiling at people trying to be nice to Missouri gays, let's also give a shout out to Montana -- they are not sending anyone to school, but they at least thought about making the act of being a homosexual less punishable by jail time and huge fines! How nice of you Montana! Maybe later you could actually do something? Maybe have a breakfast about it at least?

[Kansas City Star]



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