Your New Boyfriend Miles Spilling More Beans About President Tinpot McLoudStupid

Well, Miles Taylor, aren't you just a little ball of information! If you don't remember, Taylor is the ex-chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security, who as a Trump political appointee saw ERRTHING. Now he doesn't work there anymore, and he is telling us ERRTHING. And we have another episode of "Miles Spills The Beans" for you this sunny/rainy/hellmouth Friday morning.

Taylor started the week with an op-ed in the Washington Post about just how dangerous Trump is, and how he wanted FEMA to cut off aid for people who lost their houses in the California wildfires because he was mad those people didn't vote for him. You know, among other things. Then he went on the MSNBC network to share that Trump was dead-ass serious about wanting to SELL PUERTO RICO AND ITS THREE MILLION CITIZENS IN A TRADE WITH DENMARK, just so he could get Greenland. He thinks Puerto Rico is very stinky, you see, because he is very racist.

Well on Thursday, Taylor spilled some more of the beans he has in his bean refrigerator, which is apparently just full of beans! It happened on CNN:

In that video, Taylor shares a couple of horrifying things about what he thinks Trump will do to steal the election he's going to lose in November.

TAYLOR: In 2016, we were concerned of course about Russians meddling. I think this time around, I think the bigger concern is the president himself falling victim to foreign meddling, and the discord that will create in our country. [...] The one thing they can't prepare for is that the president himself might fall victim to [...] conspiracy theories, those lies, and that misinformation.

And will Trump accept the results of the election? Hahahahahahahahaha.

TAYLOR: I fear that the president [...] is preparing to heavily litigate in every state where he has the opportunity.

Every state. Not Florida in 2000. Every state. Taylor said Trump would make Bush v. Gore "look like child's play." Responding to Barack Obama's warning from the Democratic National Convention, Taylor said Trump is "taking the scissors to the fabric of our republic, and he's cutting it to shreds."

In this video, Taylor talks about how one time Trump wouldn't order a hurricane evacuation until somebody in the Oval Office told him that actually his own MAGA idiot supporters might die if he didn't:

Taylor added, "that's not even a joke. Not even a piece of that was hyperbole. That was almost verbatim how that conversation played out."

For some lighthearted funsies, Taylor said this about how stupid Trump is:

TAYLOR: Some of the president's closest advisers did not think he had the mental acuity to do the actual job. We would go in [meetings], the scariest ones being in the Situation Room. [...] You would sit there trying to keep your jaw from hitting the floor because you're trying to present the president sensitive threat intelligence and information that he needs to consider, and he can't keep his mind on it. He can't focus, and he fidgets, he gets confused. And this is the guy that we're thinking needs to protect our country in an emergency, and he can barely focus on what's in front of him, and rarely would read the piece of paper in front of him. I never saw Donald Trump read a document he was handed, but he DID LOVE pictures. He loved pictures ...

He really likes pictures of "camel."

Wait, sorry, did we say that was "lighthearted funsies"? Our bad, that was Donald Trump in the Situation Room literally being too stupid and fidgety to make any kind of presidential decision whatsoever.

Want more terror? Taylor also went on CNN earlier this week, and shared what Trump will actually do if he is allowed to cheat his way into a second term, and he has this on good information directly from high-level Trump officials:

"There are people serving very close to the President that have told me verbatim we should expect, quote, 'shock and awe' if the President wins a second term. You will see a flurry of executive orders. You will see the President pull out of foreign alliances. You will see the President align with dictators around the world," said Miles Taylor, who served as chief of staff to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, in an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper on "The Lead."

When Taylor says "align with dictators," we assume he means more than Trump already has. Speaking of that, Taylor also talked to Politico this week — more spilled beans! — and told them about Trump's subservience to Vladimir Putin:

"He was playing for the other team, it felt like, a lot of the time," said Taylor, a political appointee, in an interview. "That's what it felt like. Sometimes it felt like the president was on the Russian team and not the American team, and we were having to run the football into the end zone against the president to secure our own country."

Like the Obamas said this week, we're all gonna die if we don't vote. There are 74 days until the election. Imagine the awful things we're going to find out about Trump between now and November 3.

Don't die, y'all! VOTE.


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