Your Wonkette Is At The Big Liberal Blog Conference, Taking Pictures And Such


Ugh, they spelled the name of this blog wrongagain! It's spelled "Guardian." Anyway, your Wonkette is here at the 2012 Netroots Nation conference in little-who-cares-whatever state Rhode Island, to watch liberals "pop off" about the issues of the day. We've already had a vegetarian wrap for lunch and watched a movie about rape in the military, at the same time, within half an hour of arriving.

So who is here? All the Internet liberal people. We saw BlogAds' Henry Copeland, who is actually the secret over-overlord ruler of Wonkette. (You must kneel before him.) Adam Weinstein of Mother Jones is triplefisting beer with no pants on, it's really embarrassing. And lookywho, it's former Wonkette waterboarding editor and President of Raw Story, Megan Carpentier, along with Chris Goff of the Evil Teachers' Unions.

We'll post more dumb pictures and stuff later. Are any of you dips in Providence either for this conference or -- god forbid -- to live here? Let us know at and we can drink together at Roger Williams' grave.


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