You're Not Gonna Believe This, But Steve King Did Nazi Stuff Again

In all the hullabaloo of "Bomb Stuff" week, we missed a story about our regular nightmarish existence in Trump's America, and it is that Iowa Rep. Steve King, who is kiiiiind of a Nazi, did a Nazi thing. WHOA IF TRUE and knock us over with a feather!

King went to Auschwitz back in August, like politicians and regular people often do. Usually people visit to more fully understand the horrors and atrocities that happened there, and we are willing to believe King felt the tiniest pang of #feelings in his little black heart during his visit, but then he remembered a thing about Mexicans with "cantaloupe calves" and also he remembered he's kiiiiiind of a Nazi, and we presume the whole Auschwitz experience was swiftly forgotten.

Totally normal and definitely not anti-Semitic at all, how could you even think that?

But King did some other stuff at the end of his big trip! Nazi stuff! Like he alwaysdoes! Even though his trip was funded by a Holocaust memorial group! What a total fucking fuck!

King did an interview with an Austrian extremist right-wing publication called Unzensuriert, which Huffington Post says is kind of like Austria's Breitbart and the Washington Postexplains is historically tied to literal Nazis.

Unzensuriert, which translates as "Uncensored," is a publication associated with Austria's Freedom Party, which was founded by a former Nazi SS officer and is now led by Heinz-Christian Strache, who was active in neo-Nazi circles as a youth. While the party has distanced itself from those connections, it recently embraced a hard-line anti-immigration stance while seeking ties with other far-right parties and leaders abroad.

In the interview, King said some Nazi stuff:

King's conversation with [Caroline] Sommerfeld largely revolves around the paranoid idea of the Great Replacement — the belief that mass migration, particularly from Muslim-majority countries, is an extinction-level event for white European culture and identity. Or as he put it in the interview, a "slow-motion cultural suicide."

"The U.S. subtracts from its population a million of our babies in the form of abortion," King said. "We add to our population approximately 1.8 million of 'somebody else's babies' who are raised in another culture before they get to us."

Oh Jesus. As Huffington Post explains, the idea for the "Great Replacement" is laid out in a 1973 novel called The Camp Of The Saints, in which Europe is destroyed by immigrants who are "washed ashore like the plague." It's just a tad racist and Steve King fucking loves it so much he can't even stand it. (It is Steve Bannon's favorite book of forever, too, also, because that is how all the neo-Nazis roll.)

Steve King is not saying he's a racist Nazi, though. He just doesn't want "somebody else's babies" coming in and replacing American culture (which is basically a hodgepodge of a million different cultures ANYFUCKINGWAY, but we digress) with "somebody else's babies" culture. He also thinks "somebody else's babies" is very bad for Europe and that Germans shouldn't have to apologize for Nazi stuff anymore, because it's unfair to have to say sorry for whatever your Grandpa Adolf did in the olden days.

Strangely, though, in the interview, King seems to be OK with intermarriage and people eventually not all looking Caucasian, as long as they assimilate and speak 'Murican. But on the other hand, he told a story about his Iowa hometown, where they hired a consultant to help them thrive in the future, and the consultant said the town wasn't diverse enough and Steve King was like "OMG we have Danish people and German people and every other kind of white people you can imagine, HOW IS THAT NOT DIVERSE?"

To illustrate his point, he explained how one time he built this lamp in college:

I made a walnut base for a lamp. I found some pieces of wood; mahogany, pine, cherry, oak, and other pieces. I cut them up into 4 inches squares, and then stacked them on top of each other. That was a pretty diverse selection of wood. But if you just stack it, it would fall apart. I glued them and then pressed them together and let the glue dry. What I still have now is a diversity lamp: that is diversity with strength, but the strength comes from the glue, not the wood. I had to apply a lot of assimilation in the form of glue, then press it together.

Know what kind of wood was not in that lamp? MEXICAN RAPIST WOOD FROM THE CANTALOUPE CALF TREES.

Anyway, Steve King built a really good lamp, and that proves why his white nationalism is good, as opposed to the liberals, who build lamps full of rape and murder:

The Left thinks all people and cultures are interchangeable and diversity is always good, and we can tolerate the rape and the murder that goes along with it.

Yep, sounds like all the liberals we know!

King allowed that Mexican food and Chinese food are totally cool with him, but all the other "diversity" rigaramole is bad and also he thinks (((George Soros))) is writing checks to pay for the Great Replacement in Europe, which is maybe why he hasn't found time to send his checks to Wonkette.

Read the whole interview if you have the time or desire to do so. (You don't.)

[Unzensuriert / Huffington Post / Washington Post]

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