You're Still Paying The Secret Service To Cart Trump's Grown-Ass Hatchlings Around America. Isn't That GREAT?

Oh boy, the Trump grift continues, even though the motherfucker is out of office, after his historic loss to Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

Turns out, on his way out the door, Donald Trump made the highly irregular HEREBY ORDER to extend Secret Service protection for his filthy grown-ass children for an extra six months. He did it for the filthy grown-ass spawn and the two spouses among them (Jared and Lara), and he also did it for former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, former National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien, and current slobbering Trump sycophant Mark Meadows. (That garbage loser said just today that Facebook's decision to keep Trump off the platform is a "sad day for America," LOL.)

Why? Because these people are mooches. Is that Trump's hand in your pocket, or are you just happy to ... oh yeah, sorry, pretty sure the former president is stealing your wallet. Allegedly.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) got ahold of records for just the month after Joe Biden's inauguration, AKA the first month of Trump living in infamy as a common citizen worried when and if the law might catch up to him, and just for that month, the total for the grubby nosepicking Trump spawn was $140,000. As CREW notes, that number does not include costs paid directly to Trump properties for lodging, only properties outside the Trump family. SPOILER, a lot of the travel has been to places where there are Trump properties. CREW also notes that this is a family that traveled TWELVE TIMES as much as the Obamas during Trump's time in office.

Point is, these are some travelin' motherfuckers.

For example, here are some expenses:

The new records reveal that in just thirty days, the Trump children maintained their breakneck speed of travel, and racked up significant hotel and transportation bills for the Secret Service. The transportation amounted to $52,296.75, and hotel costs totalled at least $88,678.39, according to the records.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump went directly from their jobs at the White House to a ten day vacation in Salt Lake City with their three children, which cost $62,599.39 for hotel stays alone for their detail. From there, they went to Miami for the month of February, with a short stay at Trump's Bedminster property from February 19-21. The Secret Service turned over no receipts for that leg of the trip, though it almost certainly funnelled taxpayer money to the Trump business.

Again, this was also for Eric and Tiffany and The Face That Sank A Thousand Ships Because The Ships All Threw Up When They Saw His Face. And again, this little perk is going for six months after the guy who beat their daddy was inaugurated. Can you imagine the bills they've charged you for by now? How much of your money they've put into a big spoon and made helicopter sounds as they shoveled it into Daddy's gaping word hole?

Here are the records. You'll see how data is simply not provided for a bunch of travel destinations where Trump has properties. Do you really think the Trump spawn was staying elsewhere, or that they weren't charging you to put up the Secret Service for protection these ungrateful shitholes shouldn't be entitled to? You'd be pretty dumb to think that, considering who we're dealing with, so you probably don't think that. Also these are just the records for the spawn. No idea how much Mnuchin, O'Brien, and Meadows are still charging American taxpayers and maybe funneling into Trump's butt cavity. (Meadows is with Trump a lot.)

The point of this post is GRIIIIIIIIIIIIFT, just like it is with so many Trump posts.

The end.


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