Does Herschel Walker Lie To His Own Campaign? You Betcha! Any More Secret Kids? You Never Know!

We think we may be starting to see why Donald Trump really loves Herschel Walker so much, namely that it appears Walker might be even more of a prolific liar than Trump is.

It was already clear Georgia's Republican Senate nominee had a wee problem with the truth. How many secret kids does Herschel have? Oh, who knows. What businesses does he own? He'll tell you about them, but it'll be lies. What about his education? Lies. Soooo many crazy fucking lies. Tell us some old cop stories about being an FBI guy, Herschel! OK, but they're gonna be lies.

But listen, it turns out that, according to the Daily Beast's reporting, it's even worse than we thought, because he even lies to his own campaign. The source? People on his campaign.

Emails and texts show advisers discussing how they don’t trust Walker—both to tell the truth to them and to handle campaign events properly—and harboring concerns that he isn’t mentally fit for the job.

He spouts falsehoods “like he’s breathing,” [an] adviser said—so much so that his own campaign stopped believing him long ago.

“He’s lied so much that we don’t know what’s true,” the person said, adding that aides have “zero” trust in the candidate. Three people interviewed for this article independently called him a “pathological liar.”

Wow. That's not even that fun kind of Trump lying, where a lot of people in the inner circle are in on the joke and know Trump is constantly lying. "He's lied so much that we don't know what's true" isn't really a vote of confidence from your own campaign.

The framework for the Daily Beast story is what happened in the conversations about Walker's secret children. Reporter Roger Sollenberger writes that when campaign people came to Walker about rumors of a secret child way back in the winter, he lied to their faces. And they knew it.

They had expected him to lie, and had obtained documents in advance of that conversation verifying that Walker did indeed have another child, The Daily Beast has learned. They handed the documents to him, and after some more back and forth, Walker finally admitted it was true.

So they asked, hey, Herschel Walker, any more surprises in the form of secret children? No, he said.

The Daily Beast found out in June about the first secret child — the 10-year-old — and hit up the campaign. At that point Walker's campaign manager asked if there were any extra secret children he needed to know about. No, Walker said.

And then the Daily Beast called up the next day about the next secret child they'd found out about — the 13-year-old — and Walker was like "Ohhhhhh, all THESE secret children? I didn't know you meant THESE secret children," even admitting there was a third secret child who was much older.

Sollenberger says his primary source for all this is a "closely connected adviser," and says he's seen receipts. And he's got more juicy quotes, like this one:

“A campaign’s worst nightmare,” the source said. “It’s like a shitshow on a train in the middle of a wreck.”


Aides have secretly derided Walker for months, according to this person and internal communications seen by The Daily Beast. They have ridiculed his intelligence. They fear his mood swings and instability. And staffers worry he could embarrass himself at any moment, setting the campaign back yet again and burning energy on damage control.

The overriding concern is that the stress and pressures of campaigning—criticism and backlash in particular—might make him “just not mentally stable,” the source said.

Might make him that way.

Of course, that was obvious to anyone who ever heard the man speak, about mass shootings or evolution or fellow multiple-personality-haver Jesus Our Lord And Savior Christ.

The Daily Beast just kind of drops in way at the bottom of the (not short) story that after the revelation of the three secret children, the campaign got lots of reports there were maybe more. And Sollenberger reports that "one stood out." Which means:

Because senior staff no longer trust Walker’s denials, the campaign has quietly investigated the anonymous allegation behind the candidate’s back, The Daily Beast has learned.

So there's that! Maybe another one!

Mitch McConnell has got to bedying right now, just dying, especially since he very much did not want Walker running in the first place. But Sollenberger says the campaign appears to be trying to hide a lot of this from bigwigs in the GOP.

Oh well it's in the Daily Beast now. Read it and LOL.

[Daily Beast]

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