Is Ron DeSantis Bigger Whiny Baby Than Trump? This Video Suggests Maybe!

As we all watch Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R - no shit?) step on his dick repeatedly in his quest to prove he's a bigger man than Mickey Mouse, some political watchers are asking if he's the new Donald Trump, a younger, allegedly smarter and more attractive model who could actually beat Trump in 2024.

And we don't know the answer. We could see it. But we could also see Trump pulling some alpha dog shit and humiliating DeSantis for fun and profit.

We have been noticing for a while, though, that DeSantis does have one trait Trump has in droves, one that all aspiring authoritarians have, and it is that he is thin-skinned as hell. Is he more thin-skinned than Trump? We're not sure, but we feel like he's only begun to show us what a whinyass fuckin' baby he really is.

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Look Away, Kids, The Governor Of Florida Is Shaking His Peener At Mickey Mouse

Grown-Up Tough Guy Ron DeSantis Stands Up To Masked High School Bullies, Doesn't Even Start To Cry

Remember that tantrum he had over the kids wearing masks at some event where he was using them as props, like he always does? It was such a display. He had this look on his face that seemed to say, "I have deposited a load in the back of my underpants and I am furious about it." It's the look of a toddler just before the meltdown, or the man-child who's never been told no in a meaningful way.

Now watch DeSantis react to Trevor Noah telling jokes about him at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

As Mediaite explains, Noah told some jokes about DeSantis at the dinner. (Full sets by Noah and Biden at that last Wonkette link!) And he set it up by saying DeSantis was there, when DeSantis was not in fact there. His name was in the program, though, so it sounds like he was supposed to be there, or at least somebody thought he was supposed to be.

But DeSantis's Aryan bigot spokesperson Christina Pushaw tweeted defiantly that it was "wishful thinking/obsession" that DeSantis would be in attendance. We guess she thinks the cool kids want her boss to sit at their table or something. Bless her heart.

And then, as you can see above, DeSantis was asked about it. And oh boy, did he pout and whine and complain, and he got that look on his face he always gets, that Little White Man rage just barely contained beneath the surface, as he proceeded to protest:

“I would never attend that. I have no interest in that,” DeSantis said.

Never! No interest!

“I did not watch it, I don’t care what they do —

Don't like it! Don't care about it! Hate them hate everybody hate this whole school!

but for them to advertise me when that invitation was rejected by my office, that is a lie.”

They are a liar!

The governor went on to hit at The White House Correspondents’ Association for “saying how important they are, that they are somehow these paragons of truth.”

“Yet there they are lying about something that is readily verifiable,” Desantis continued. “And so the idea that I was there is false. The idea that I would have ever gone is false, and why they would want to perpetuate a lie about that, I don’t know.”

False! And false! And lie!

“But I think it just shows you why that cabal of people in D.C., New York are so reviled by so many Americans,” he added. “I think it’s a reputation that’s been well deserved.”

Oh good Lord.

Have a meltdown, why don't you, Governor? Does someone have the governor's binky? Is he hungry? Does he have a rash?

What is it? What does the baby need?

"The Daily Show" responded:

By the GOP's debased standards, he's definitely presidential material.

Gonna see a lot more of this the next few years, we reckon.


[Mediaite / h/t JoeMyGod]

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