Your Sunday Shows This Week Are A Whole Lotta Liz Cheney!

We've made a point of noting from time to time that, despite Liz Cheney's actions regarding January 6 and her committee's work, she is not actually some kind of new hero for liberalism.

With that, let's dive into the Sunday shows!

Liz Cheney on CNN's 'State Of The Union'

On CNN's "State of the Union," host Jake Tapper asked Rep. Liz Cheney about Donald Trump's criminality. She replied:

CHENEY: I think that Donald Trump -- the violation of his oath of office, the violation of the Constitution that he engaged in, is the most serious misconduct of any president in the history of our nation.

Tapper also asked Cheney about the especially egregious walking conflict of interest known as Ginni Thomas, wife of Clarence Thomas, and all her goings-on related to January 6:

TAPPER: Is your committee planning on talking to Ginni Thomas, even though her lawyer has expressed a reluctance to cooperate?

CHENEY: We are. The committee is engaged with her counsel. We certainly hope that she will agree to come in voluntarily. But the committee is fully prepared to contemplate a subpoena if she does not.

On another subject, Tapper noted that the only votes not to codify same-sex marriage in law came from her party, which gave Cheney a nice "I have evolved" soundbite:

CHENEY: Freedom means freedom for everybody. And I have said that my initial opposition 10 years ago to same-sex marriage was wrong. [...] And I believe that, given the decision that we saw from the Supreme Court and the suggestion that the additional rulings could be at risk, the suggestion in Justice Thomas's opinion about that, means that we have got to step up and make sure that we're providing protections [...] Ensuring that we have provided that kind of protection for same-sex marriage is very important.

But an important note here is that while Cheney says she wants "freedom for everyone," she did support overturning Roe v Wade.

The door is now open for the Supreme Court to overturn rulings like marriage equality and others based on a right to privacy because Roe was overturned. It shouldn't have to take Republicans a personal stake, like Cheney having family in the LGBTQ community, for them to protect freedom.

Because "freedom means freedom for everybody" after all, Liz Cheney.

Cheney on 'Fox News Sunday'

Jake Tapper seemed to be doing that thing the mainstream media does where it's always obsessed with finding Republicans to rehabilitate. Meanwhile on Fox news, Bret Baier's questions seemed more designed to perpetuate Fox News/GOP talking points to discredit the truth about January 6 and the January 6 Select Committee.

Liz Cheney was not having that. Here, watch some videos:

In a way, it was good that Baier asked idiotic questions, because Fox News viewers got to watch Cheney dismantle all of it. Like her father after September 11 attacks, it's clear that January 6 had a profound effect on Liz Cheney.

We should be glad that, unlike her father, this event has led her to (for now) be on the right side of history.

Have a week!

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