Has Putin Been Reading Libs Of TikTok Or Do All Bigots Just Sound The Same?

Did everybody see that Joe Biden speech in Warsaw? It was a banger, a world-historical moment, five stars!

A BANGER! Let's Watch Biden's Historic Warsaw Address In Real Time!

As we noted, Vladimir Putin also gave a speech today, but they weren't competing speeches. Putin's was more like his mangled version of a State of the Union, where he talked about how well his quickie special military operation in Ukraine is going and the like. He didn't make a ton of news, except to say he's "suspending" Russia's participation in the New START nuclear proliferation treaty. Not pulling out completely, just "suspending." Because reasons. Reasons that are all America's fault. Womp womp.

(NATO and Secretary of State Antony Blinken are pissed, by the way.)

Elsewhere in his speech, Putin flat-out lied and said, "They were the ones who started the war." He said he's using force in Ukraine in order to "stop it." You betcha. The speech was what it was. Read the full Washington Post roundup if you'd like.

But in light of everything that's going on in America right now we'd like you to read this translated section of Putin's speech, where he got real hot and heavy into the culture war shit.

In this age of rightwing smear campaigns and violence incitement against LGBTQ+ people, by Twitter accounts like Libs of TikTok, by Tucker Carlson, by Ron DeSantis and his vile spokesperson, and so many more. In these days of attacking transgender kids and accusing drag queens of preying on children.

See what you notice.

“Look at what they are doing in the West. They distort historical facts, do not stop their attacks on Russian culture, on the Russian Orthodox Church. The West is perverting the family, the national identity.

“They are making pedophilia the norm in their lives, and priests encourage same-sex marriage. Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.

“The Anglican Church is planning — so far only planning — to look into the idea of a gender-neutral God. What do you say to that?

“We are obligated to protect our children from degradation and degeneracy.”

OK groomer!

Of course, this is far from the first time Putin has gotten into this shit. His war on LGBTQ+ people has been going for years, and he and his religious mouthpiece Kirill, patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, have specifically said that the Russian war on Ukraine is actually Russia's war against the decadent values of the West. In fact, LGBTQ+ people have been Putin's favorite scapegoats pretty much from the get-go. Read Kirill's weirdass shit about gay pride parades causing the war. It's pretty constant.

And of course, Putin has been cultivating this relationship with the American white fascist Christian Right, and they with him, for a long time.

But isn't it amazing how much Putin's tirade sounds exactly like American rightwing discourse now? The random, baseless accusations of pedophilia? Bellyaching about marriage equality? Meaningless paeans about protecting the children?

The whining that the Anglicans might eliminate God's cock is a bit weird, but we're sure it'll show up in American rightwing media before too long, hahaha just kidding here's Tucker.


That's from 2018, though. The newest push, the latest reason this is in the headlines, and in Putin's speech, is bubbling around rightwing media as we speak.

Let's give Tucker time to write a new and more unhinged masculinity diatribe about it. Bet it'll be real fuckin' weird.

That's all we wanted you to see, Putin sounds like Libs of TikTok, Libs of TikTok sounds like Putin, they're all playing from the same unhinged fucked up playbook.

And people wonder why MAGA conservatives are so far up Russia's ass these days.


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