Tucker's SOTU Commentary Mostly Just Nazi-Style Lies About Democrats Killing And Mutilating Children

Sometimes people say weird stuff. They have awkward transitions where their mouths get going and before they know it they're like, wait, what did I just say? Even Tucker Carlson is human enough to have these human word salad moments. He's trying to say one asshole thing, and then he's trying to transition into a QAnon blood libel screaming dogwhistle thing, and before he can catch himself he's like NOT EVEN THE SEALS AT SEA WORLD WOULD WEAR AN ABORTION PIN!

Wait what?

Tucker did not like Joe Biden's State of the Union. Last night he made fun of Biden's "steaming pile of word purée" and claimed that no world leader could understand what Biden talked about during his speech, not even Xi Jinping. And Tucker would know, because we don't know why Tucker would know.

"But the trained seals in the crowd LOVED IT," Tucker said. "They clapped consistent with their species!" That's how he got on seals.

TUCKER: Sorry, that's unfair to seals. There's not a SEAL IN THE OCEAN or even at Sea World who would wear an I Love Abortion pin!


TUCKER: That is TOO LOW even for marine mammals!

He's just circling around and around this dead-end analogy.

TUCKER: They may eat LIVE FISH, but they're not GHOULS!

We swear we are not making up this transcript. We are being overly charitable to suggest it's ad libbing gone wrong. If this was on the teleprompter? If Tucker or one of his Mini-Mes wrote it?

Anyway, Tucker finally got to his point, which is that Democrats are monsters who cheerlead for an ancient religious rite of child sacrifice. You know, for any Jew-hating QAnon lovers out there in TV Land who might bewatching Tucker and get off on blood libel references. (Hello, Tucker viewers!)

TUCKER: Congressional Democrats, by contrast, are ghouls, Take a look at this pin, which has replaced the American flag on their lapels. Notice that the "O" in abortion is in the shape of a heart. They literally love abortion. Now, let's set aside the politics and ask an honest question, "Who loves abortion?" Honestly, who loves abortion?

People who need them. People whose own lives have been saved by them. People who are mature enough adults to understand that abortion has always existed, will never not exist, and that it's not a shameful, regrettable procedure to need or want.

TUCKER: Maybe you think abortion should be legal, but do you love abortion? Do you think abortion is a wonderful, affirming act you feel so proud of you brag about it with jewelry? If you feel that way you should know that you are not defending a medical procedure, you wouldn't say that about an appendectomy — no. You are promoting an ancient religious rite called human sacrifice. That's what this is, promoting human sacrifice. Let's stop lying about it, it's very obvious now.

Fuck you.

Tucker of course doesn't cite any sources for his lie that supporting abortion is an "ancient religious rite called human sacrifice." He just says "Let's stop lying," which is one of Tucker's most prominent tells that he's gonna do some (more) lying.

Tucker transitioned from one kind of QAnon blood libeling to another:

TUCKER: And speaking of death cults, Joe Biden made his case last night for the sexual mutilation of children.

Oh for fucks sake, here we go. Biden said "transgender young people" should be able to live with "safety and dignity." Tucker is against that. Noted.

Tucker said Biden couldn't even explain what all the letters in "LGBT" stand for, and then lied and said hospitals are doing "mastectomies on little girls" and are "castrating children." Does he cite sources? No, because he's using the most inflammatory language possible in order to lie to his easily brainwashed viewers and make them think children's hospitals are literally sexually mutilating little children. (Always so weird how obsessed these white conservatives are with little kids' junk.)

Real sources don't back up what he's saying in any way,shape or form.

Tucker said Democrats are "bragging" about sexually mutilating children. He said, "Joe Biden, the guy who showered with his daughter, causing her to develop sexual compulsions as an adult, calls the sexual mutilation of children 'safety and dignity.' That's dark. Really dark."

What's really dark is that Tucker Carlson is allowed to lie like this without any real-world consequences. (Obviously Tucker is lying about what Joe Biden's daughter wrote in the diary that was stolen from her and exploited by white fascists.)

Tucker Saying Schools And Hospitals Doing 'Sex Crimes' To People's Kids, Telling Them To 'Fight Back'

Tucker Carlson wants his viewers to believe that Democrats kill children as a religious rite, and/or sexually mutilate them. And Fox News brass is apparently just fine with that.

This is fucking Nazi shit.

[Media Matters]

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