Who or what is a Wonkette?

Wonkette was founded by Gawker Media in January 2004, under the original Wonkette Ana Marie Cox, as a DC gossip and politics blog. Then they sold it. AND THEN GAWKER DIED.

In 2012, Ken Layne sold Wonkette to me, a then-39-year-old then-unemployed then-single mother then in Los Angeles. I’m Rebecca Schoenkopf. I’ve worked in newspapers since 1991 (seriously), have a master’s from USC in specialized journalism focusing on urban policy, and have taught journalism and political science in the University of California system.

Since I couldn’t do this alone, and since I threw out all the moneychangers in my temple and let God and the universe and our readers provide, I’ve hired Doktor Zoom, Evan Hurst, Robyn Pennacchia, and Stephen E. Robinson (SER) full-time with excellent health care, as well as terrific regular freelancers like Liz Dye, Gary Legum, Michael Mora, Erik Loomis, Martini Ambassador, Ziggy Wiggy on the movie nights, Cakes We Like in the bake shop, and Hooper, your Friday night bartender.

I also hired Shypixel, a commenter, and then I married him and did a baby.

We’ve been pretty busy yo.

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Rebecca Schoenkopf 

I'm Rebecca. From Wonkette.

Liz Dye 

Liz Dye is a columnist at Above the Law, contributor at Wonkette, and co-host of the podcast Opening Arguments.

Michael Mora 

Your friendly neighborhood Puerto Rican Political Freelance Writer for @wonkette. When I’m not busy writing, I’m busy reading. Pop Culture observer, Amateur Movie reviewer & Comics fan. U.S. Marine veteran. All opinions are mine only.

Stephen Robinson 

Stephen Robinson is a writer and social kibbitzer based in Portland, Oregon. He's also on the board of the Portland Playhouse theatre. His son describes him as a “play typer guy."

Robyn Pennacchia 

Beautiful but doesn't know it.


I make orange look good.

Sara Benincasa 

Author, TV/film writer, actor

Martini Glambassador 

I live in France, do France stuff, post a bit about it here. I also do the weekday Tabs header gifs for your favorite publication, Wonkette.com.

Doktor Zoom 

Wonkette writer and senior editor. He/him. Born at 318.43 ppm atmospheric carbon. I'm just an animal, looking for a home.

Gary Legum 

Writer. Lovable curmudgeon. Seen at The Contemptor IJR, Salon, Wonkette, Daily Beast, Alternet, McSweeney's, some technical and PR docs you never read.

Evan Hurst 

managing editor, Wonkette

Matthew Hooper 

A fencer, bartender, husband, father, and punk rock fan. Mixologist in residence at Wonkette.


Photographer, New Yorker, Cat Servant to Harry & Bear, Wonkette Movie Night Movieboss. They/Them


Self-taught baker, part-time history student, and full-time border collie owner who lost half her vision due to Diabetes complications way back in 2017. I've not let it stop me. I'm also a guest writer on Wonkette.