HOW TO: Substack Wonkette!

Yall. YALL. You are having concerns on How To Substack. No need, it’s very very easy.

  1. Go to We will always be live there.

  2. It will ask you to subscribe with your email to read it, either a paid or free subscription. You will either add your email or say “nah I just want to read it” and click the right-arrow. Bam. You are reading it!

  3. If you want to comment, you have to subscribe (but you don’t have to pay). Can’t see the comments?

  4. If you are sending me money via Paypal or Patreon, and you want to cancel or adjust your subscription up or down, email me at rebecca at wonkette dot com. Substack has your email (unless you opted out) but you’re listed as a free subscriber even though you pay me. IGNORE THE BUTTON ASKING YOU TO UPGRADE TO PAID! It’s all good!

  5. If you are sending me money via Stripe (the credit card processor), you’re already integrated. They’ve got your email, you’re already recognized, and you’re good to go.

  6. Substack does not sell your emails, and they are only visible to the admins of the substacks to whom you’ve subscribed (so, in this case: me, Dok, and Shy).

  7. Getting too many emails from us? We can help!

If you turn off all the newsletters, Substack will unsubscribe you from Wonkette. So I’ve now included a “We Never Send Out This Newsletter” newsletter for those of you who ain’t want no newsletters, but want to stay subscribed to your Wonkette for payment and or commenting purposes. CLEVER, ME! :D

If you don’t want to get newsletters, click your face, then “MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION.” Then just uncheck all the newsletters except “We Never Send Out This Newsletter”! BOOM DONE!

You are welcome. We love you.